Special Terms Of Mining Engineering - Part 2

Exploring : With reference to mining, the process of searching or inspecting an area for mineral deposits. Another mining term is prospecting and the person engaged in the search is a prospector.
Geology : The study of the earth's crust or surface and the materials in it.
Geophysics : Combines geology and physics.
Geochemistry : Applies chemistry to the study of the earth's features.
Magnetometer : A device for measuring the strength of the earth's magnetic field.
Geiger Counter : A device to detect radioactivity, the energy given off by unstable elements.
Core Drilling : The process of drilling with a hollow cylinder to obtain samples of subsurface materials; the samples are called cores.
Gravimeter : A device for measuring the earth's gravity.
Seismograph : A device for measuring vibrations in the earth; it can be used to detect earthquakes or to record mechanical vibrations.
Overburden : The rock or soil above a valuable mineral deposit, sometimes called burden.
Dredge : A floating barge used for excavation in shallow waters.
Nodule : A small round lump of matter; manganese is obtained from nodules recovered from the ocean.
Surface Mining : Excavating mineral deposits by methods that do not involves shafts or tunnels into the earth .
Bucket Excavator : A device with a number of bucketlike shovels on a moving belt; it can dig up and dump waste material in a continuous operation.
Open Pit Mine : A surface mine in which working levels, like terraces, are cut into the ground; sometimes called an open cut mine.
Bench : A working level in an open pit mine.
Rock Mechanics : An attempt at a mathematical analysis of the forces acting along the joint of natural rock formation.
Strip Mining : A form of surface mining in which the overburden is removed so that a vein of ore or seam of coal roughly horizontal to the surface can be removed from open pit mining in the benches are not usually used in strip mining operations.
Contour Strip Mining : Strip mining which follows the contours (lines that separate different heights or elevations) in hilly or mountainous areas.
Alluvial Deposits : Sand, clay, and gravel deposited by flowing water.
Placer Mining : A system of mining in which heavier substances are separated from lighter ones in flowing water by the force of gravity.
Nugget : A solid lump, usually of pure gold.
Hydraulic Mining : A system of mining using a stream of water under pressure to break up alluvial deposits; the nozzle that directs the water is called a hydraulic giant.
Sluice : A channel for directing and controlling the flow of water.
Gravel : Loose material consisting small, rounded fragments of rock.
Pneumatic Drill : A drill that works by means of compressed air.
Wedge : A device with two flat sides that come together at an angle or point; it can be driven into an object to split it.
Aggregate : Crushed rock mixed with cement to produce concrete.

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